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New Series 1950


Television clips from 1950

jack benny show 1950The Jack Benny Show (1950–1965). A direct transition from radio the first few years were very limited to only four shows in 1950 and did not become until 1960. It brought the same story, themes and stars from the radio show. It was introduced by Don Wilson, starred Jack Benny as himself and Eddie Anderson as Rochester as the Black butler. Also starred Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris and Dennis Day playing themselves, Kenny Baker and Mel Blanc. The Jack Benny Show

burns and allen 1959The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (1950–1958). Another top radio show that moved to television most seamlessly. George talked directly to the audience in response to Gracie's silliness. Her character was the "airhead" of the times. The stars played themselves with additional cast members Bea Benaderet, Harry Morton and their son Ronnie Burns as himself. It began as a live show soon went to film for syndication purposes. The Burns and Allen Show
cisco kid 1950Cisco Kid (1950–1956). Duncan Renaldo as The Kid and sidekick Leo Carrillo as Pancho give us a Southwest Mexican version of Robin Hood. It was the first television show filmed in color which gave it good syndication in the 60s and 70s.The Cisco Kid Show


Your Show of Shows (1950–1954)
.Starring Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Howard Morris and Carl Reiner with comedy writers Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, Danny Simon, Mel Tolkin, and Carl Reiner who sat with the writers.. It ran live for 90 minutes at what was then the best of prime time, at 9pm on Saturday nights. Your Show of Shows.


whats my line 1950What's My Line (1950–1967). Hosted by John Charles Daly the game involved guessing the strange occupations of guests with the blindfolded panel trying to find out who last celebrity guest of the evening was. It held its 10:30pm Sunday time slot for all 17 years. The original panel members Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen, Hal Block and Bennett Cerf. Whats my line


Truth or Consequences (1950–1988).

Beat the Clock (1950–1961).

Your Hit Parade (1950–1959).

Series End 1950


Actor's Studio (1948–1950).
Cartoon Teletales (1948–1950).
Mary Kay and Johnny (1947–1950).
You Are an Artist (1946–1950).



Television News 1950

12 philco tv 1950

In 1950 a 12" Philco Black and White TV sold for
$499 with only 6 million television sets in American homes. TV manufacturers became 10% of all trading on Wall Street in 1950. Tv ads of 1950.



Texaco Star Theater singing service


Texaco Star Theater (1948 - 1956) This was the first hit show on television, broadcast live it owned the 9pm Tuesday night slot. It is said to be the catalyst that sold more television sets to Americans than any other. Milton Berle who hosted the show became known as "Mr Television" himself. Regular cast members were Fatso Marco, Ruth Gilbert, Bobby Sherwood, Arnold Stang, Jack Collins and Milton Frome. The show is mostly remembered for Uncle Milty dressing in drag and the ubiquitous uniformed Texaco service men breaking out in song at the beginning, end and too often during the hour long show. With a share of 80, it was the American Idol of the day. Texaco Star Theater.


ethel waters beulah 1950The Beulah Show (1950 - 1952). The first television sitcom to star an African American. The story of a black cook who helped fix the problems of the white family she worked for. It starred Ethel Waters who was later replaced by Oscar winning actress (Gone with the Wind) Hattie McDaniel, who did only a few episodes before leaving the show with breast cancer. She was replaced by Louise Beavers. The rapid changes along the same racial controversy that plagued the Amos and Andy show ended the series. A black woman did not again star in a tv sitcom until 1968 with Diahann Carroll in Julia. Beulah, the TV show.


The Emmy's 1950 - 1951


groucho marx you bet your life 1950You Bet Your Life (1950 - 1961). Movie star Groucho Marx hosts a game show that isn't really a game show but Groucho interacting with everyday Americans and some will be and would be stars. George Fenneman plays the straight man. You Bet Your Life


Best Dramatic Show: Pulitzer Prize Playhouse
Best Actor: Alan Young
Best Actress: Gertrude Berg
Most Outstanding Personality: Groucho Marx
Best Variety Show: The Alan Young Show
Best Game and Audience Participation Show: Truth or Consequences
Best Public Service: City at Night
Best News Program: KTLA Newsreel
Best Sports Program: Rams Football
Best Cultural Show: Campus Chorus and Orchestra
Best Educational Show: KFI-TV University
Best Children's Show: Time for Beany


Most Watched 1950-1951


1.  Texaco Star Theatre   
2.  Fireside Theatre
3.  Philco TV Playhouse
4.  Your Show of Shows
5.  The Colgate Comedy Hour
6.  Gillette Cavalcade of Sports
7.  The Lone Ranger
8.  Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts
9.  Hopalong Cassidy
10. Mama
11. Robert Montgomery Presents
12. Martin Kane, Private Eye
13. Man Against Crime    CBS
14. Kraft Television Theatre
15. The Toast of the Town
16. The Aldrich Family
17. You Bet Your Life
18. Arthur Godfrey and His Friends
19. Armstrong Circle Theatre
20. Lights Out




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