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The Nation 1951

The Korean War Part II

The United Sates has 3 million soldiers in Korea. With the Chinese fully entering the conflict they take Seol only to be soon driven out and with U.N. forces taking Pyongyang. With peace talks beginning in Panmunjon the U.N. retreats to the 38th Parallel as the fighting went on.


general Douglas MacArthur 1951During the advance across the 38th parallel, General Douglas McArthur wanted to keep the invasion going into mainland China. The United States Joint Chiefs of Staff were drafting orders to use nuclear weapons, MacArthur wrote a nasty "insubordinate" letter to President Truman and though all branches of the Military opposed his "relief" No Nonsense Harry canned him anyway. So they had a parade. MacArthur vs Truman


The 22nd amendment is ratified limiting president to two terms. This gives a modern meaning to the term "lame duck" as a danger for office holder is no longer beholding to the electorate. The 22nd Amendment


integration washington d c 1950Though President Truman integrated the military by executive order in 1948 it was New York City and Washington D.C. who first passed legislation prohibiting segregation in housing and restaurants. The NAACP begins its legal attacks on school segregation and discrimination in the South.

Nobel prizes 1951

Physics – John Cockcroft, Ernest Walton
Chemistry – Edwin McMillan, Glenn T. Seaborg
Physiology or Medicine – Max Theiler
Literature – Pär Lagerkvist
Peace – Léon Jouhaux


time magazine 1951

"Mohammed Mossadegh - Once upon a time, in a mountainous land between Baghdad and the Sea of Caviar, there lived a nobleman. This nobleman, after a lifetime of carping at the way the kingdom was run, became Chief Minister of the realm. In a few months he had the whole world hanging on his words and deeds, his jokes, his tears, his tantrums. Behind his grotesque antics lay great issues of peace or war, progress or decline, which would affect many lands far beyond his mountains." Mohammed Mossadegh - Time man of the year

The World 1951


united nations 1951The United Nations headquarters opens in Manhattan. The property was donated by John D. Rockefeller and has since been been declared international territory. The United Nations




The Egyptian parliament denounces the Suez Canal Treaty and sends the Egyptian army to fire upon British troops who then occupy Ismailiya, Egypt. The argument goes on until the 1956 war over the canal. Suez canal crisis

Joseph Stalin announces that the Soviet Union had the bomb and a nuclear test is verified.

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