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Good Movies of 1951


African Queen Trailer


african Queen 1951The African Queen - Shot on Location in Uganda and directed by John Huston. It starred Humphrey Bogart as the gin guzzling Mr Allnut(who won the Academy Award for Best Actor, his only Oscar), Katharine Hepburn as Rose the spinster sister of the Minister played by Robert Morley, use an old steam boat called The African Queen to foil the Nazis in Africa. The African Queen at Filmsite

place in the Sun 1951A Place in the Sun - Directed by George Stevens (who won the Oscar) and starring Montegomery Cliff as the troubled everyman, Elizebeth Taylor as the socialite beauty, Shelly Winters as the pregnant working girl and Raymond Burr as the court room prosecutor. From the classic novel An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser which ends poorly for all concerned. A Place in the Sun at Filmsite


A Streetcar Named Desire


streetcar named desire 1951A Streetcar Named Desire - The Tennessee Williams classic play directed by Elia Kazan starred Marlon Brando as tough guy Stanley Kowalski, Kim Hunter as his wife Stella with Oscar winners Vivien Leigh as the fading Blanche DuBois and Karl Malden as good guy Mitch. Like A Place in the Sun this classic film ends badly for everyone. A Streetcar Named Desire at filmsite

speaker 1951


New Movies 1951


Abbott and Costello Invisible Man
Ace in the Hole
Angels in the Outfield
The Blue Veil
Bright Victory
The Browning Version
Bullfighter and the Lady
Call Me Mister
Captain Horatio Hornblower
Cattle Drive
China Corsair
A Christmas Carol
Come Fill the Cup
Comin' Round The Mountain
Cry, the Beloved Country
David and Bathsheba
Decision Before Dawn
The Desert Fox
Detective Story
Diary of a Country Priest
Early Summer
Flying Leathernecks
Fort Worth
Fourteen Hours
The Frogmen
Gerald McBoing-Boing
Go for Broke!
The Golden Horde
Goodbye My Fancy
The Great Caruso
He Ran All the Way
Here Comes the Groom
His Kind of Woman
House on Telegraph Hill
The Idiot

Let's Go Crazy
The Magic Box
Man in the White Suit
The Mating Season
Miracle in Milan
Miss Julie
Mr. Imperium
No Highway in the Sky
On the Riviera
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman
Penny Points to Paradise
People Will Talk
The Racket
Red Badge of Courage
Rich, Young and Pretty
The River
Royal Wedding
Santa Fe
Show Boat
The Steel Helmet
Strangers on a Train
The Tales of Hoffmann
That's My Boy
The 13th Letter
Vengeance Valley
The Well
When Worlds Collide
Young Wives' Tale
You're in the Navy Now

Lambert the Lion
Laughter in Paradise
The Lavender Hill Mobw

B Movies 1951


The Day the Earth Stood Still Trailer


Day Earth Stood Still 1951The Day the Earth Stood Still - Directed by Robert Wise and starring Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Sam Jaffe, and Hugh Marlowe. The story of a higher intelligence pleading for a peaceful Earth during the cold war made it well received at the time and is now considered the best Science Fiction film of all time. It's political themes of peace and a strong United Nations brought controversy with the rise of anti-communist McCarthyism. The Day the Earth Stood Still.

the thing 1951The Thing from Another World - Directed by veteran Howard Hawkes or Christina Nyby and starring Margaret Sheridan, Kenneth Tobey and Douglas Spencer it was the 6' 7" newcomer James Arness playing the monster who went on to become Marshall Dillon in the classic TV series Gunsmoke. The story of a flying saucer landing in the Arctic with a giant vegetable passenger. The movie ended with a ominous message to "Watch the Skies!" The Thing.


Entertainment News 1951


bedtime for bonzo 1951


Bedtime for Bonzo starred the future president of the United States Ronald Reagan who disliked the movie so much he refused to ever watch it. Bedtime for Bonzo.

The Miracle 1951


Though The Miracle by director Roberto Rossellini was a 1948 Italian film, it was not until 1951 that New York decided to ban it from the Paris Theater in Manhattan. NY City License Commissioner Edward McCaffrey, the Catholic Legion of Decency and New York City Cardinal Francis Spellman succeeded in pulling its license. In 1952 the case was reviewed by the United States in Burstyn v Wilson which stuck down censorship of sacrilegious content. The Miracle Case

19 year old Liz Taylor divorced Conrad Hilton, Jr. after less than a year of marriage


Film Debuts by Carroll Baker, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and William Shatner.


Academy Awards 1951

Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron American in Paris

Picture:"AN AMERICAN IN PARIS", "Decision Before Dawn", "A Place in the Sun", "Quo Vadis?", "A Streetcar Named Desire"


Actor: HUMPHREY BOGART in "The African Queen", Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire", Montgomery Clift in "A Place in the Sun", Arthur Kennedy in "Bright Victory", Fredric March in "Death of a Salesman"


Actress: VIVIEN LEIGH in "A Streetcar Named Desire", Katharine Hepburn in "The African Queen", Eleanor Parker in "Detective Story", Shelley Winters in "A Place in the Sun", Jane Wyman in "The Blue Veil"


Supporting Actor: KARL MALDEN in "A Streetcar Named Desire", Leo Genn in "Quo Vadis?", Kevin McCarthy in "Death of a Salesman", Peter Ustinov in "Quo Vadis?", Gig Young in "Come Fill the Cup"


Supporting Actress: KIM HUNTER in "A Streetcar Named Desire", Joan Blondell in "The Blue Veil", Mildred Dunnock in "Death of a Salesman", Lee Grant in "Detective Story", Thelma Ritter in "The Mating Season"


Director: GEORGE STEVENS for "A Place in the Sun", John Huston for "The African Queen", Elia Kazan for "A Streetcar Named Desire", Vincente Minnelli for "An American in Paris", William Wyler for "Detective Story"


Top Box Office 1951

Quo Vadis trailer

peter ustinov quo vadis 1951Quo Vadis - Directed by Mervyn LeRoy and starring Robert Taylor, Deborah Kerr, Leo Genn and Peter Ustinov as the the Emperor Nero. Quo Vadis (where are you going?) refers to St Peter's question to his vision of Christ outside Rome. The story of the first first Christian love affair between a Roman General and a Christian beauty who are fed to the lions which inculdes0Nero playing the lyre while Rome burns and the upside down crucifixion of St. Peter. Lots going on in this movie! Quo Vadis review.

1. Quo Vadis
2. Alice in Wonderland
3. Show Boat
4. A Streetcar Named Desire
5. David and Bathsheba
6. An American in Paris
7. The African Queen
8. A Place in the Sun
9. Strangers on a Train
10. Pandora and the Flying Dutchman


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