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1954 Fifties

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New Series 1954

steven allen tonight show 1954The Tonight Show (1954–present) - Steve Allen is the first host of the Tonight Show on NBC. In 1957 he is replaced by Jack Paar who is then replaced in 1962 by Johnny Carson.who was replaced by Jay Leno in 1992. The show was broadcast live until 1959. The Tonight Show



father knows best 1954


Father Knows Best (1954-1960) - Family sitcom centering on the children starring Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Elinor Donahue, Billy Gray and Lauren Chapin. Father Knows Best.


lassie 1954Lassie (1954–1973) - Starring Tommy Rettig as Jeff, Jan Clayton as his mom and George Cleveland as Gramps.Jon Provost as Timmy and June Lockhart replaced the original cast in 1957. Campbell's Soup sponsored the entire run of the Lassie series. Lassie the series



Rin Tin Tin 1954The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (1954–1958) - Starring Lee Aaker as Rusty, James L. Brown as Lieutenant Rip Masters, Joe Sawyer as Sergeant Biff O'Hara and the German Sheppard wonder dog Rin tin tin. Rin Tin Tin TV series.

annie oakley 1954Annie Oakley (1954–1957) - The fictionalized story of Annie Oakley one stars of the turn of the century Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show. It starred Gail Davis as Annie and Jimmy Hawkins as her trouble prone little brother Tadd. The Annie Oakley Show.



The Secret Storm (1954–1974) First soap

Disneyland (as Disneyland 1954–1958)

Face the Nation (1954–present)
Climax! (1954–1958)
The Brighter Day (1954–1962)

Most Watched 1954 -1955


1. I Love Lucy     
2. The Jackie Gleason Show
3. Dragnet
4. You Bet Your Life
5. The Toast of the Town
6. Disneyland
7. The Jack Benny Show
8. The George Gobel Show
9. Ford Theatre
10. December Bride
11. Buick-Berle Show
12. This Is Your Life
13. I've Got a Secret
14. Two for the Money
15. Your Hit Parade
16. The Millionnaire
17. General Electric Theatre
18. Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts
19. Private Secretary
20. Fireside Theatre


Television News 1954




The Senate Army-McCarthy hearings are televised live. The prime time news show SEE IT NOW with Edward R. Murrow weighs in to criticize Senator Joseph McCarthy. Together both bring on the demise of both the Senator from Wisconsin and McCarthyism. The Fall of Joe McCarthy



jack parr 1954

To compete with Dave Garroway and Mr Muggs CBS replaces Walter Cronkite with up and coming Jack Parr to host the CBS Morning Show.






swanson tv dinners 1954Swanson and Sons comes out with the first TV Dinners. Invented by Swanson salesman Gerry Thomas it consisted of turkey with cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes and buttered peas in a divided aluminum tray. The packing was made to look like a TV with knobs and all. Swanson TV Dinners.



jaques Cousteau 1954


Jacques Cousteau's first network telecast with his two young sons airs on the CBS show Omnibus. Omnibus




rca victor ct100 1954

The RCA Victor CT-100 - The first color tv hits the market but with NBC the only network to offer a few programs in color, it becomes a failure. The RCA Victor CT100.


The Emmy's 1954 - 1955


make room for daddy 1954
Make Room for Daddy


Best Dramatic Series: U.S. Steel Hour
Best Actor Starring in a Regular Series: Danny Thomas, Make Room for Daddy
Best Actress Starring in a Regular Series: Loretta Young, Loretta Young Show
Best Supporting Actor in a Regular Series: Art Carney, Jackie Gleason Show
Best Supporting Actress in a Regular Series: Audrey Meadows, Jackie Gleason Show
Most Outstanding New Personality:
George Gobel
Best Situation Comedy Series:
Make Room for Daddy
Best Variety Series, Including Musical Varieties:
Best Mystery or Intrigue Series:
Best Cultural, Religious or Educational Program:
Best News Reporter or Commentator:
John Daly
Best Sports Program:
Gillette Cavalcade of Sports
Best Children's Program:
Best Audience, Guest Participation or Panel Program:
This Is Your Life


Series End 1954

Juvenile Jury (1947–1954).
Martin Kane, Private Eye (1949–1954).
Your Show of Shows (1950–1954).
Flash Gordon (1953–1954).
Author Meets the Critics (1947–1954).

TV Guide Schedule 1954


tv guide 1954


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