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Good Movies of 1956


The Ten Commandments 1956


The Ten Commandments - Directed by Cecil B. DeMille (his last movie before he died) tells the Biblical story of Exodus. Starring Charlton Heston as Moses and Yul Brynner as Rameses II. Also starring Anne Baxter, Edward G. Robinson, Vincent Price and John Carradine. Top grossing movie at the time and has pulled in a a billion dollars to date. An Academy Award for special effects (the infamous parting of the Red Sea). The Ten Commandments video.




The Searchers John Wayne 1956The Searchers - Directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles, Ward Bond and Natalie Wood. The kidnapping of a white girl by Comanches has John Ford examining racism and genocide in Western American History. The movie is often referred to as the greatest Western of all time and in the top 10 films of all time. The Searchers.


Moby Dick Ahab 1956


Moby Dick - Directed by John Huston the movie stayed true to the famous Herman Melville novel of religion and vengeance gone awry. An unusually but stellar performance by Gregory Peck as the deranged Captain Ahab (rather than his usual roles of mostly perfect characters such as Horatio Hornblower and Aticus Finch.) Also starring Richard Basehart, Leo Genn and Orson Welles as Father Mapple. Moby Dick trailer


New Movies 1956


The Bold and the Brave

The Red Balloon

7 Wonders of the World
Accused of Murder
Alexander the Great
And God Created Woman
Autumn Leaves
Baby Doll
The Bad Seed
Battle of the River Plate
Between Heaven and Hell
Bhowani Junction
Bigger Than Life
The Birds and the Bees
The Brave One
Bus Stop
The Case of the Mukkinese Battle Horn
Congo Crossing
The Conqueror
The Court Jester
D-Day the Sixth of June
Dance With Me Henry
Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
The Eddy Duchin Story
Elena and Her Men
Friendly Persuasion,
The Girl Can't Help It
Godzilla, King of the Monsters!
The Great Man
Gun The Man Down
The Harder They Fall
High Society
Hollywood or Bust
Love Me Tender


Lust for Life

Seven Samurai
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
Never Say Goodbye
Private's Progress
The Proud and Profane
The Proud Ones
The Rainmaker
Reach for the Sky
Rock Around the Clock
The Solid Gold Cadillac
Old Khottabych
The Silent World
Singing in the Dark
Somebody Up There Likes Me
Star in the Dust
La Strada
Tea and Sympathy
The Teahouse of the August Moon
A Town Like Alice
War and Peace
Written on the Wind
The Wrong Man
X the Unknown
Yield to the Night

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Indian Fighter
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Invitation to the Dance
Johnny Concho
A Kiss Before Dying
The Lady Killers

B Movies



forbidden planet 1956Forbidden Planet - Directed by Fred M. Wilcox and starring Leslie Nielsen, Walter Pidgeon, Robby the Robot and and Anne Francis with lots of leg. High end science fiction loosely based upon William Shakespeare's The Tempest.




rodan 1956Rodan - From Toho Studios the producers of Godzilla comes the newest Japanese monster a giant flying dinosaur. And not just one, but two reek righteous havoc on Japan for bombing their nest. Rodan.


Entertainment News 1956


Elvis Presley appears in his first movie Love Me Tender with Richard Egan and Debra Pagent. Love Me Tender

princess grace kelly 1956


Actress Grace Kelly married Rainier III the Prince of Monaco to become Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco commonly referred to as Princess Grace. She died at 53 in a car crash in 1982. Princess Grace.





man who knew too much 1956

The Man Who Knew Too Much - Directed by Alfred Hitchcock this political thriller involving the kidnapping of a small boy is wrapped around the academy award winning song Que Sera, Sera sung by Doris Day. Also starring James Stewart. The Man Who Knew Too Much




martin and lewis 1956

Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin break up after ten years and 16 films. Martin & Lewis


Debuts: Michael Caine, Elvis Presley


Academy Awards 1956


Around the World in Eighty Days

Picture: "AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS", "Friendly Persuasion", "Giant", "The King and I", "The Ten Commandments"


Actor: YUL BRYNNER in "The King and I", James Dean in "Giant", Kirk Douglas in "Lust for Life", Rock Hudson in "Giant", Laurence Olivier in "Richard III"


Actress: INGRID BERGMAN in "Anastasia", Carroll Baker in "Baby Doll", Katharine Hepburn in "The Rainmaker", Nancy Kelly in "The Bad Seed", Deborah Kerr in "The King and I"


Supporting Actor: ANTHONY QUINN in "Lust for Life", Don Murray in "Bus Stop", Anthony Perkins in "Friendly Persuasion", Mickey Rooney in "The Bold and the Brave", Robert Stack in "Written on the Wind"


Supporting Actress: DOROTHY MALONE in "Written on the Wind", Mildred Dunnock in "Baby Doll", Eileen Heckart in "The Bad Seed", Mercedes McCambridge in "Giant", Patty McCormack in "The Bad Seed"


Director: GEORGE STEVENS for "Giant", Michael Anderson for "Around the World in 80 Days", Walter Lang for "The King and I", King Vidor for "War and Peace", William Wyler for "Friendly Persuasion"


Top Box Office 1956



The King and I 1956The King and I directed by Walter Lang with music by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. A nineteenth century British school teacher travels to Siam to teach children of King Mongkut. Starring Yul Brynner and Debra Kerr. The King and I.


1. The Ten Commandments
2. Around the World in Eighty Days
3. Giant
4. War and Peace
5. The King and I
6. The Searchers
7. Bus Stop
8. High Society
9. The Girl Can't Help It
10. Written on the Wind





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